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With a countryside best known for cider, cheese and horses it is no wonder that there are no shortage of barns and farms for sale as well as manors, mills and castles.

We have French houses and properties for sale in Haute and Basse Normandy ….from Chaumiere to Chateaux!  So if you are looking for a holiday home, permanent home or even a business venture Normandy offers French living for those who want to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life and time to explore what the region has to offer.  We work with a group of Estate Agents in the Perche National Park region of lower Normandy – one of France’s best kept secrets…come and see for yourself!

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Perche National Park
Haven for Outdoor Persuits
Markets in Normandy
Towns and Villages

Perche National Park

Lovers of the countryside will be captivated by the scenery of the Perche National Park region. Situated in the south-east corner of the Orne department (61) of Normandy, the area is home to some of the most beautiful countryside in the world as well as many of the prettiest villages in France. The 'Parc Natural du Perche' is a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is a good base from which to visit Normandy and the Loire valley.

There are great walks through the countryside and forests and cycle tracks or horse rides, fishing is also very popular here. Due to the proximity of Paris the Perche is also rich in culture with festivals, concerts, plays, museums, galleries and antique shops galore. Accessibility is excellent within one and a half hours you can reach Paris (by train or car) also the ports at Le Havre and Caen, and Calais is just three and a half hours by car. If you want a day of shopping and don't want to go as far as Paris Le Mans and Chartres are both excellent and within an hours drive. If it is beach weather then you have a choice of the Normandy beaches including Deauville and Cabourg just one and a half hours away, or alternatively visit one of the local lakes with their own sandy beaches at Le Mele sur Sarthe, Soligny la Trappe and Fontaine Simon.

The type of properties you will find in the Perche range from barns for renovation, stone farmhouses, mills and manoirs to magnificent 16th Century Chateaus. Property prices here are surprisingly low given that the Perche National Parc is the closest area of 'green belt' to Paris.  We have a good selection of the properties on offer here in our listings.

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Haven for Outdoor Persuits

There are hundreds of graded footpaths criss-crossing the beautiful countryside and forests with levels to suit all tastes from a half hour stroll to a weekend hike. The well established Randonee network of trails covers some of the most spectacular scenery in Normandy with its numbered "GR" routes while at the other end of the scale the tourist offices will be able to suggest interesting circuits around their particular town or village.

It is possible to follow the pre-planned routes without even seeing a road in Normandy while local cycling associations produce more detailed itineraries to let you discover the area at a more leisurely pace. The perfect way to travel through country lanes, valleys and forests, for all ages.

Horse Riding
The horse is king in Normandy. Whether breeding, racing, show jumping, trekking or training jockeys - the region is renowned for its links with the equestrian world. Consequently, there is every kind of riding activity for adults and children of all standards. In fact there are at least 66 riding establishments in Normandy which is home of France's National stud the Haras du Pin - opening it's doors to the public every Thursday with a display of the stallions and horse teams – not to be missed!

Normandy has almost 40 courses which are as varied as the landscapes they occupy. Several of Normandy's golf courses already enjoy international renown from the resplendent New Golf in Deauville to the championship course at Champ de Bataille. The International Association of Golf Tour Operators in 2002 nominated Normandy as one of the top ten golfing destinations in the world. Courses at Etretat, Omaha Beach, Granville, Dieppe, Saint Saens, Le Vaudreuil, Belleme, Jumieges, Clecy, Deauville Amiraute, Evreux, Caen, Rouen Foret Verte, St Gatien, Houlgate and St Julian and more

What applies to golf also applies to fishing. In Normandy there are plenty of fish and fewer anglers chasing them. There are miles of first category waters where trout are particularly dominant while the many lakes (formerly gravel pits) are home to some very large carp. All in all the region is perfect for angling holidays.

Other Outdoor Pursuits
Other popular activities include tennis, hot-air balloon flights, boules, trips in a roulette caravan with a Percheron horse as your companion, car racing at Le Mans, canoeing and many more.

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Markets in Normandy

All over France there are wonderful street markets and Normandy is no exception.

Monday morning

Remalard, Vimoutiers.

Tuesday morning

L'Aigle(one of the largest markets in France), Alencon, Argenten, Pervencheres, Soligny la trappe.

Wednesday morning

Alencon, Le Mele sur Sarthe, Le Theil/huisine, Longny au Perche.

Thursday morning

Alencon, Belleme, Bretoncel, La Ferte Mace, Le Merlerault, Moulin la Marche.

Friday morning

Argenten, Conde sur Huisne, Courtomer, Tourouvre, Vimoutiers, Senonche.

Saturday morning

L'Aigle, Alencon, Bretoncelles, Colombe, Flers, Gace, Le Sap, Mortagne au Perche, Sees, Verneuil sur Avre.

Sunday morning

Alencon, Argentan, Ceton, Courtomer.

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Towns and Villages

Dominated by the church of Saint Martin, 11th century, with magnificent stained glass windows and clock tower this town offers a variety of museums and markets including cattle and livestock. On the main train line to Paris with a journey time of under an hour and a half.

Famous for its lace, particularly the 'Alencon Stitch' this is the capital of Orne and boasts the late-period gothic churches of Notre Dame and Saint Leonard. The town centre has many delightful streets with both old and new architecture side by side

In the heart of the Perche area, this is an ancient fortified town perched high above the nearby forest of the same name. In the town centre is the 15th century arched porch to the narrow lanes of 17th-18th century house.
Situated on the right bank of the Seine, this village is known throughout the world for the paintings of Claude Monet, who lived here from 1883 until his death in 1926. The painter's presence in Giverny attracted many artists who immortalised the place. With the opening of the American Museum, Giverny is affirmimg its position as an international tourist attraction.Claude Monets house and garden are open from Easter to October 31st and closed on Mondays.

Le Haras du Pin 'Versailles of the horse world'
In 1665 the French National Studs were instigated and the most famous of all of them the 'Haras du Pin' was created in 1715. Every Thursday the stud opens its doors to the public with a display of the stallions. This is a superb event even if you are not a horse enthusiast. 
One-time episcopal town, known for its 13th century church with soaring spires and  'son et lumiere' pageants and light shows in summer. Other sights include the 18th century church, Abbey of Saint Martin, museum of religious and folk art and the Spring music concert.

Houses, Farms & Properties for sale in Normandy

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